November 09, 2019

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title: Stay in Control with Crowded Sysadmin life.
date: 22-10-2019
headline: stay in control of you time as Sysadmin
published: true
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        tag: [linux]

# Sysadmin junior 
in the beginning of this year, i started my first tech job, as sysadmin, i joined a small team of good people, in a startup compnay, and since there was a gap in knowledge for me, and a lof of work since it's a startup company, there is a few things that can drive man crazy, time managemnt is common issue for juniors, but sysadmin have a special case with it, since they usually work late, and get intrrupted a lot in their day work. i would like to share some of the tips/techinques i use to mange my time, it was a struggle in the beginning, but with time it will be a lot easier.